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Author: loryn

13 Feb Root Vegetable Chips

I’ve been buying those yummy Terra Chips in the black bag for years and years. Recently I experimented with making baked Kale chips and had great success - so much so that my two sons asked me to stop making them as they couldn't look...

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07 Feb Caesar Roasted Fish

Why let that yummy Caesar dressing sit alone waiting for a salad. Free the dressing to be used in other recipes such as this tangy roasted fish dish. You can use any type of mild white fish so long as it doesn't over power the...

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07 Feb Poached Pears

When it comes to fall/winter fruit, I let pears take a backseat to apples for some reason. I automatically pick up some Honeycrisp, Fuji or Granny Smith apples, rarely giving the pears a second glance. But when I do remember pears, I remember how much...

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19 Dec Bagel Muffins

I haven't eaten a bagel in years as I have an intolerance to white flour and wheat. Boy do I miss those flavors - the salt bagel, onion, poppy seed. Sigh. But thanks to my wonderful client Emily, I found this bagel muffin to be...

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19 Dec Salsa Pulled Chicken

Don't like to cook? Don't think you are a good cook? Feel like you make the same thing all the time? And is that thing CHICKEN? Here's the most simple recipe that everyone will love. All you need is a big pot or a slow...

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19 Dec Kale Chips

I know, Kale is a miracle food that everyone should eat tons of and LOVE. But me, I simply don't like it. I keep trying it and just can't do it. Not in a salad, a soup, steamed or sauteed. BUT - roasted until crispy...

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