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Chia pudding

14 Mar Vanilla/Cinnamon Chia Pudding

One more simple yet delicious recipe from my client Emily. She was doing my detox program trying hard to kick her sugar habit. She came up with this amazing recipe that she used for breakfast every day. Here's what she said about it: "This tastes like...

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Maple Pumpkin Custard

14 Mar Maple Pumpkin Custard

Another yummy recipe from my client Emily. A very savory, smooth and creamy delight that helps satisfy anyone sweet tooth without too much sugar. 2 tablespoons of 100% maple syrup is all it calls for. So delicious, you'll forget that it's healthy! She’s even calculated the...

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Chocolate pudding

14 Mar Cashew Milk Chocolate Pudding

This recipe is from my wonderfully creative client Emily. A self professed sugar addict like me, she discovered that trying to kick her sugar habit was not working well. Even fruit was a trigger leaving her bingeing on way too much. Here's just one of...

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