Comprehensive One-on-One
Nutrition & Wellness

Individual and customized sessions help us gain a better understanding of your current health, keeping you on track while working towards your goals. Sessions include in-depth analysis of health concerns, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, exercise information, metabolic assessments, meal planning advice, blood work review, sleep analysis and much more.

Weekly or biweekly mini sessions are essential for accountability and creating new and healthy life habits and patterns. Shorter sessions include a metabolic assessment, food journal swap and a brief discussion of the past weeks progress. Unlimited email support is also included for the duration of your customized program is included.

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*Individual Sessions Brochure

One-On-One PLUS In-Home Personal Training
Same program as above, with the addition of 10 personal training sessions scheduled at your convenience, in your own home. Trainers are certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and/or have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.

“Pairs” Comprehensive Nutrition & Wellness
“Pairs” is the same as the One-on-One program but is customized with in-depth sessions
for 2 people. Both people must be available to meet at the same time for all sessions.
The “Pairs” program can include in-home personal training as well.

* Call or email to schedule your complimentary information session for the above programs.

Treat and Beat Anxiety – the Natural Way
Begin putting together the pieces of your Body-Mind/Food-Mood puzzle

Your choices of activities, people and even food can affect your mood both for the better AND for the worse. There’s more and more research indicating that dietary and lifestyle changes can bring about chemical and physiological changes in the brain which can lead to altered behavior.

In this very special class you will learn the science behind stress and anxiety and discover how improve your mood and your life. You will learn about specific Foods, supplements, practices and mindsets that can help decease stress, anxiety, inflammation and the risk of depression as well as improving sleep quality, mental energy, clarity, alertness and focus. You will begin to understand just how STRESS contributes to your mood and what you can do to change this – in just a few minutes each day.

1 class
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
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The Sleep Solution
Learn how to sleep like a baby each and every night!

You know that cranky, over tired, over-emotional, carb-craving feeling you get when you don’t sleep well? Just the slightest bit of sleep deprivation puts you at a higher risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, pre-diabetes, hormonal imbalance and lowered immunity.

We will go through, step by step, how, when, why and where to get a good night’s sleep, EVERY NIGHT and how nutrition, supplements and easy lifestyle shifts can help you fall asleep, stay asleep and awake with renewed energy and outlook.

1 class
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Register now. Your pillow is waiting.

The SmartHEART
Fight your Genetics. Reduce your risk. Lengthen your Life. Beat the odds.

The focus is solely on reducing your risk of heart disease. But how does this program differ from other programs? Each week you will increase your understanding of the emerging science behind why most of us have been INCREASING our risk of heart disease rather than lowering it AND how you can begin to reverse that risk – NOW. I will help you untangle all the information you may be hearing on TV, reading in magazines, on the internet or even, from your own doctor.

Whether you suffer from/or are at risk of high blood pressure, high or low lipid levels or heart attack, you can begin to change and eliminate risky lifestyle habits and choices that are within your control. You will learn powerful strategies to fight against your genetics if heart disease runs in your family or if you and your physician have noticed changes in your blood work.

During this four-session series you will learn:
• How to shop, cook, and eat in a SmartHEART way – at home and when dining out
• SmartHeart options to control blood pressure and cholesterol without prescription medications
• Fun, quick, effective and SmartHEART exercise routines
• The link between stress and heart health and simple SmartHEART ways to cope

4 classes
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
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Restyle Your Lifestyle
Begin Healthy Weight Loss through Comprehensive Nutrition
Would you like to lose weight, have more energy and sleep like a baby? Do you need to lower your risk of Heart Disease, Type 2 diabetes, Obesity or Digestive disorders? These few weeks can change your life.

Each week GET HEALTHY with Loryn Galardi, M.S. and group nutrition as you learn to make conscious, intelligent adjustments to your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits. Finally, put an end to bad eating and exercise habits, emotional eating, over/under eating, over/under exercise training, and begin to tune in to your body’s natural signals. Your metabolism will be cranking, toxic burden lightened, cravings calmed, yo-yo dieting halted and energy levels boosted!

Everyone will receive a complete metabolic assessment along with educational information including Anti-Inflammatory Eating; Eat Yourself Healthy, The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Trans Fats, Eating Out without Pigging Out, Controlling Portions so they Don’t Control You, Taking the Mystery out of Supplements, Phase One, Two and Three Healthy Eating Plans, How to Navigate the Grocery Store, Recipes and much, much more.

* This program is offered as a class (described above) at my office OR at your off-site location. Off-site groups must have 5 participants or more. It is also tailored for individuals or “pairs” meeting at my office.

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*Restyle Your Lifestyle Brochure

6 consecutive weekly classes
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Classes are forming now. Reserve your spot today!

Beyond the Basics
You’ve Restyled Your Lifestyle, now Fine-Tune your Lifestyle.
Go beyond food and exercise and continue to learn more about what you need to stay healthy AND happy. 

Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it does help you get back or stay on the healthy track, lose and keep the extra weight off, reduce your risk for almost every major disease, sleep more soundly, feel more energized and have a more positive outlook on your life right now.

In these 4 weeks topics will include How to Deal with Emotional Eating, Overcoming the Challenges of Change, Is Stress Sabotaging your Weight and Health?, Understanding Lab Testing; You and Your MD, Mindfulness and Meditation for Busy People, Are you Sleep Deprived?, Understanding Gluten and much, much more.

Weigh ins will be offered, food journaling will be discussed, and more time will be devoted to helping you put yourself and your health as a priority in your life.  You must have completed the RESTYLE Your LIFESTYLE class to participate.

4 consecutive weekly classes
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Register now and continue your journey with me. 

28-Day Cleanse & Detox Workshop
Restore your health. Replenish your energy. Rejuvenate your spirit. Reawaken your life.
What better gift can you give yourself and your loved ones than a HEALTHIER YOU!
* This is NOT a fast but an experience in eating well and eliminating toxins simultaneously.

Learn how to dramatically improve your health, sleep better, decrease fatigue, increase energy, improve digestion, reduce weight, eliminate headaches and more. Cleansing supports your body’s natural detoxification functions by increasing elimination, cleansing the colon, enhancing circulation to clear toxins, eliminating toxic, allergenic or intolerant foods and providing nutrients to support and protect the liver – the main organ involved in the body’s detoxification process.

You will be guided through pre-cleansing process, to the beginnings of detoxification, into the full cleansing experience, right through to how to maintain your clean living routine for life. You will be provided with detailed descriptive handout instructions for every stage as well as DAILY nutrition and lifestyle coaching via email detailing everything from cleansing strategies and guidelines to breaking unhealthy eating habits to how, when, why, where and what to eat.  You will receive the highest pharmaceutical-grade supplements and protein and cleansing powders, samples, tastings and recipes.
You will be supported every step of the way!

* This program is offered as a class (described above) at my office OR at your off-site location. Off-site groups must have 6 participants or more. It is also tailored for individuals or “pairs” meeting at my office.

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*The 28-Day Cleanse & Detox Brochure

3 Meetings
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Restore. Replenish. Rejuvenate. Reawaken.

7 or 14 Day Jumpstart Personal Program
Kick weight loss into high gear!
Use your food or the personal chef option of the REAL MEALS Program (see below)
Begin to lose weight, bust through a stubborn plateau, increase your energy, learn portion control, sleep better – and – you can even choose to have your meals and snacks cooked for you and delivered right to your door.

The 7 or 14 Day Jumpstart BASIC program combines 2 informational sessions (7-Day) or 3 informational sessions (14-Day), shopping lists, recipes and ideas for preparing healthy meals, satisfying snacks and great tasting shakes — all helping you to begin to lose weight and feel great! Customize it to fit your schedule, specific likes, tastes and health requirements. You will also receive a delicious, pharmaceutical-grade protein shake powder for 2 shakes a day as well as effective metabolism boosting supplements.

The 7-Day Jumpstart FULL program includes 1 informational session as well as all of the abovePLUS 2 snacks and 1 meal for 7 full days. Thats a total of 28 premium shakes, 14 healthy snacks and 7 delicious meals. All foods are free of preservatives, refined flour and all artificial ingredients. Each meal is prepared in advance by one of our local chefs. They will slice, dice, bake, broil, measure and portion, so that you don’t have to! There is no counting calories or points. You can even opt to have your food delivered to your door. What could be more simple?

* This program is offered at my office OR at your off-site location. It is suited for individuals and “pairs” meeting at my office OR in as a group. Groups can meet at my office OR your location with 5 or more participants.

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*The 7-14 Day JumpStart Program Brochure 

See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Plan your 7-DAY JUMPSTART program today!

Freedom from the Freshman Fifteen
Lose Weight, Prevent Weight Gain and Stay Healthy During College
College living can pack on the pounds not just as a Freshman, but every single year. Learning how to lose weight before going off to college, how to prevent weight gain while there and how to STAY HEALTHY is just as important as getting good grades and having a great experience. These 4 weeks can change your next 4 years!

Each person will get an invaluable nutrition education in just a few short hours. You will leave the program with tons of information and your own “tool box” of secrets for healthy college living. Learn to make conscious, intelligent adjustments to your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits. Crank up your metabolism, lose the toxic burden, calm all of the cravings, don’t even think about starving yourself or yo-yo dieting and your energy will be through the roof readying you to conquer college!

Everyone will receive a complete metabolic assessment along with educational information including Understanding Your Body Composition, The Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners, High Fructose Corn Syrup and Trans Fats, Controlling Portions so they Don’t Control You, Important Supplements for Young Adults, Stress Busting Ideas and Exercise Routines for those Who Have NO TIME, and much more.

4 consecutive weekly classes
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Classes are held during winter and summer break.
Reserve your spot today!

Weight and Wellness Accountability Group
Go BEYOND the nutrition facts and delve deeper into “WHY WE EAT”
If you been in one of my GROUPS, CLASSES or have been a PRIVATE CLIENT, the support and accountability of a group will help keep you on, or get you back on track with your health and weight goals.

Why Groups Work: The group dynamic provides a solid support system that can tremendously boost your motivation and will power and help you stay on track. With a support group, you have a network of people you can rely on to pick you up if you fall. If you are having a rough week, someone is there to give you a pep talk and when you have a good week, someone is there to cheer for you.

Groups are a great way to share information, gain support with problems plaguing your healthy efforts, meet others dealing with the same issues, keep on top of the latest marketing ploys that sabotage your health as well as the research that keeps you informed and educated and have fun doing it at the same time!

Food journals, weigh-ins, body measurements will be available but not required as these groups will be geared to your specific needs and wants. Additional nutritional information will also be available per your request.

4 Sessions
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost
Don’t lose your momentum!  Don’t wait another moment if you’ve already lost it! The group is here to help.

The HEALTH*iFIT Program
Healthy Weight Loss through Comprehensive NUTRITION and EXERCISE!
Add group or individual fitness to your nutrition sessions to achieve your goals even quicker!

Each week you will GET HEALTHY with Loryn’s nutrition education as you learn to make conscious, intelligent adjustments to your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle habits. See the details above for the Restyle Your Lifestyle class OR the One-On-One personalized nutrition plans.

Each week you will GET FIT with your choice of a group exercise class, classes OR personal training to get your blood flowing, heart pumping, body fat dwindling and muscle mass increased. Each class and each fitness trainer is unique. You can even choose personal training in your own home! When you pair your nutrition education with exercise, you’ll achieve your healthy goals even faster! See the FITNESS OPTIONS below for the details.

Click below for brochure with the complete information.

* The Health*I*Fit Brochure

8 consecutive Nutrition Classes
6-10 Group or Individual Exercise Classes
See SCHEDULE PAGE for dates, time, location and cost.
Classes are forming now. Reserve your spot today!

Adding exercise to nutrition sessions speeds you towards your healthy goals! 


Elevation Studio offers spinning and TRX classes in Georgetown. To find out more about Elevation please visit
Norwalk Boot Camp meest outside in Norwalk at Fox Run Elementary School, Marvin Elementary School or Cranbury Park. Enjoy core conditioning, short distance running, pilates, sport drills, and weekend hikes. This is a four-week (three days/week) outdoor program. For more information go to
Ron Osborn’s Group Training and Boot Camps are offered in Newtown and Norwalk periodically throughout the year. Have a group who are ready to get fit and healthy? Ron will create a program just for you. For more information about Ron’s programs, email for all the details.


Wilton Sports & Fitness is a smaller sized, boutique facility with highly trained, professional personal trainers. Every client receives a complimentary one hour personal training session to assess athletic strengths and areas for improvement.  For more information go to
Susan Neumann’s love of fitness and helping people get strong while having fun began in 2001. She is a member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is a certified spin instructor, TRX trainer, Les Mills Bodypump instructor and personal trainer. She tailor’s each clients workout to meet their specific goals using a combination of strength training and cardio intervals. Contact Susan at for more information.
Michelle Maturo offers personal training in Georgetown at Elevations Studio. Join Michelle at the studio for a customized workout and Loryn at her office for the nutrition class. To find out more about Michelle and Elevation please visit
Ron Osborne believes fitness is not just going to the gym and running on a treadmill, it’s a lifestyle change. He assists his clients to achieve their health and fitness goals through a positive reinforcement approach. Ron offers personal training in his facilities in Newtown or Norwalk or in your home. His certifications include: AFPA and ASFA Certified Personal Trainer, ASFA Group Fitness/Boot camp Instructor and the American Health Care Academy CPR/AED. Contact Ron at

WILTON YMCA Customized Personal Training – the RIGHT START PROGRAM will meet at the Y in Wilton and is based on your fitness goals, life style and health history. Personal training offers a customized workout tailored to your individual needs. A certified personal trainer will design a program with an emphasis on correct form and technique. Men and women trainers are available. Workouts are by appointment. Please contact Mary Ann Genuario at for more information.

Click below for brochure with the complete information.

* The Right Start Brochure

See SCHEDULE PAGE for details and costs.

The FitBride Program 
Slim down, tone up and look fabulous in a healthy way for your special day!
From the moment you walk down the aisle until the very last dance, all eyes will be on YOU.  You want to be the best you can be, feel the best you can feel and look the very best you can look.

Planning the “BIG DAY” can be as stressful as it is exciting.  Saying “yes” to the perfect dress, finding the perfect rings, selecting a sublime venue and choosing sublime flowers, deciding on just the right photographer, invitations, music, menu and cake – all can leave you forgetting about YOU.

During the last few months before your wedding there will be many details to finalize and an assortment of social engagements to attend.  Food and cake tastings, the bachelor/bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinner and other social events can very easily push exercise, nutrition and weight loss off your list.

That’s where the fitbride program comes in.  Don’t rely solely on exercise to shed pounds or starve yourself to be thin. The fitbride program combines both exercise and nutrition for weight loss to help get you the results you’ve wished for.  Our combination works!

The fitbride program is not just for the bride. We can help create a gorgeous groom, a willowy wedding party, magnificent mother or father-of-the-bride or foxy future father or mother-in-law!

We can help you and anyone else in your wedding party, achieve the lean and luscious look you’ve all always wanted.

Click below for brochure with the complete information.

* The FitBride Brochure

Please contact me via the CONTACT PAGE  for details and personalized pricing.

Supplement Overhaul
Do you have a drawer, cabinet or closet filled with supplements that you have been taking for years without fail, you don’t remember to take, don’t remember what year you got them, where you got them or don’t remember why you are taking them at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time for a SUPPLEMENT OVERHAUL to make sure you are taking the correct supplements for your specific set of health issues. We will weed out the ones you may not need and upgrade the ones that will fuel and help heal your body.

With the SUPPLEMENT OVERHAUL you will be assured that each supplemental nutrient you will be taking is from the most reputable of manufactures who use only the purest and finest ingredients. These professional grade products have unequaled quality control standards, are highly absorbable and without gluten, artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors and preservatives.

You will learn why, when and how to take your supplements so your body gets the most bang for your buck. The most expensive supplements are the ones you don’t take or take incorrectly.

See SCHEDULE PAGE for details and cost.
So pack up your bottles, boxes, packets, jars and canisters (you can bring them with you if you’d like) and schedule your SUPPLEMENT OVERHAUL today.

The Real Meals Program
Add this component to any program, class or workshop. Healthy and simple, yet simply delicious. It’s like having your own private chef AND nutritionist overseeing every bite!
Whether you’re concerned with weight, dealing with health issues or don’t have the time or desire to cook, we can prepare balanced, wholesome, delicious, REAL MEALS for you and your entire family.

To wet your appetite, here are just a few of our delectable entrees: Chicken, Shrimp, Scallop or White Bean Stir Fry with seasonal vegetables served over a bed of wilted spinach leaves and brown rice, “Spaghetti” and Meatballs: Ground turkey meatballs in a savory tomato sauce over tender spaghetti squash sprinkled with grated Pecorino Romano cheese, A boneless filet of Salmon Poached to perfection and served with lightly steamed broccoli rosettes and roasted sweet potatoes.

No grocery shopping.
No counting calories or points.
No measuring.
No cooking.
No cleaning.
No worrying.

Click below for brochure with the complete information.

* The Real Meals Brochure

See SCHEDULE PAGE for details and cost.
Plan for your REAL MEALS today!

Corporate Programs and Lectures
Customized programs for your workplace, organization, club or group to help everyone learn more about any aspect of nutrition and health.


Eating to Reduce Aging and Disease
Persistent, chronic INFLAMMATION is at the root of almost every illness – from arthritis to high cholesterol to dementia and even cancer. Illness and inflammation is not inevitable no matter what age you are. Join me to learn what lifestyle and dietary steps to take to reduce the inflammation in your body and your risk of disease. A Q&A is offered after the presentation.

The ABCs of Healthy Eating for Your Preschooler
Proper nutrition during the preschool years can set the stage for the health of your child for life. Food fuels their bodies and also their brains. Loryn will talk not only about WHAT to give your child, but HOW MUCH, WHERE and WHEN to feed them. Make sure you are nourishing your children as much as you are loving them! A Q&A will be held after the presentation.

Nutrition As We Age
As we age we need different nutrients, different types of exercise due to different types of health issues. The proper foods and activities can nourish and heal us or aggravate and harm us.  If we don’t choose wisely, we may be headed down a dangerous path. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, gain weight, stay fit, increase energy, heal from surgery or a health crisis or just plain want to feel better, it’s important to re-learn the basics of nutrition and supplements for where you are NOW. We will discuss just how each type of food and some particular supplements affect your body.

Take the Mystery out of Eating Healthy and Staying Healthy!
Worried about our health care system? Concerned about the cost of Long Term Care Insurance? Are you experiencing health issues or are you in perfect health? The best insurance is good health! Simple steps you and your family can take to get healthy and stay that way!

A Real-Life Approach to Eating Healthy
Do you want to feel and look better? Have you had some worrying blood test results? Are you suffering from symptoms of dis-ease? Sensible nutrition is not about “dieting” – it’s about health, balance, enjoyment and learning what works for you, as an individual. Loryn Galardi educates us on nutritional awareness, the importance of physical fitness and the lifestyle SHIFTS that can begin to resolve recurring health problems and aid in disease prevention. Take this first step to improve your health and well-being and finally feel good, even GREAT, every day.

How to Navigate the Grocery Store.
Loryn will take you on an educational field trip to tour YOUR local grocery store. Learn how to decipher those nutrition labels, where the most nutritional foods are located and which aisles to steer clear of!



For additional details, please email:

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