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I really can’t thank you enough for changing the way I view and consume food and drink. In the last 28 days, which seemed to go by so quickly and easily, I have lost 20 pounds, increased my energy significantly, and developed a very healthy respect for how I want to fashion my lifestyle going forward. During the entire period, I abstained from coffee (otherwise three to four cups per day), alcohol (usually three glasses of wine per day), chocolate (usually one small bag per day), breads, pasta, red meat, processed foods, and all forms of sugar (other than the natural form in fresh fruit, like apples). Never once did I find myself having cravings. I credit a great deal of that willpower to your daily e-mails and the journaling process that provided me with a daily impetus. From the bottom of my now much stronger heart, thank you! —Michael Crystal, Wilton, CT

UPDATE: After one year of continuing my new, healthy lifestyle, I’m completely off cholesterol medication. Thank you again! UPDATE: Had my annual 2017 physical today: in 2015 (before you) I weighed 202. In 2016 (after you) I weighed 162. Today (still with you) I weighed 164 and all of my vitals are great!!! Can never thank you enough!

What would I have done without Loryn Galardi? Metformin, for one. Two: Worry about Type 2 diabetes taking over my life, like it did many of my relatives. Three: Endure mid-day fatigue, the shakes, dehydration—the list goes on. Four: Most importantly, model poor eating habits for my young son. As I write this, it is mid-afternoon and I have energy! This has not been the case in decades! I can’t believe how I bent and twisted my life around that mid-day fatigue. I can’t believe I didn’t consider once that it was bad/abnormal. I can’t believe I ever believed food label marketing; that fat was a guilty pleasure, and that I should buy margarine. Bottom line—I have made a radical change in my eating habits and haven’t suffered one iota. On the contrary, doors have opened and I am happier and more energetic than EVER! I should have done this years ago. —Joan Franzino, Greenwich, CT

I had been on a 15-year journey of weight gain and couldn’t even stand on a scale without crying.  Loryn Galardi came highly recommended by a friend who worked with her remotely. I was emotionally dying and ready to get back to life. I had tried everything from Crossfit, a personal trainer, a high protein diet, weight watchers, buying weight loss meals, but NOTHING worked. After 16 weeks with Loryn, I have lost over 35 pounds! I now know what to eat, how much and when to eat it, to get the weight off and keep it off. It has become habit and my family has also benefited. WORKING REMOTELY IS SO EASY as Loryn is amazing about responding to email and I can use her for life!  She has the right advice, suggestions, and can help via email when you are not sure about a choice.  She is super easy to work with and she is full of the best knowledge. She is there to be your accountability person, to help you with recipes (which are amazing!), to be YOUR champion and to give you back hope.  I had been beaten down to believe I couldn’t do this and I was a failure.  I realize now that it was not me but the advice that was the failure. – Holly from Massachusetts

I took the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class with Loryn through Wilton Continuing Education. My intention was to improve my eating habits in order to feel better, have more energy, and improve my quality of life. I also wanted to gain some knowledge about weight management issues at all stages of life that I could pass on to my patients. Loryn imparted far more information than I anticipated in an organized, logical, and concise manner. She was willing to provide personalized support necessary for those with additional needs. Anyone who wants to eat in a more natural, healthy manner to improve health and well-being, increase longevity, and prevent disease would benefit from Loryn’s knowledge. I would highly recommend her courses or one-on-one counseling to those who look to improve their or their family’s quality of life through nutrition and exercise. —Elizabeth Sauter, MD (OB/GYN), Westport, CT

I am so happy that I have found Loryn Galardi. Prior to working with her, I had reached an all-time high in weight and lethargy. She put a life-plan together for me that made sense, and offered the accountability that I needed to stay on track. Loryn is the constant voice of reason and support whenever you need it. Without exaggeration, I feel like a totally different person—I have energy and I now understand the concept of conscious eating, as well as the benefits of exercising on a regular basis. So far, I have lost 31 pounds and an amazing 24.5 inches! I just bought new size 4 jeans! I was almost a size 14 when I started. Martha M., Wilton, CT

Tyler Kepner

It’s been six months since I first met with you, and I hit a new low today: 159.5 pounds! I started at 189 when I stepped on your scale, and I doubted I would ever see the 160s. Now I’ve dipped into the 150s—actually below my goal weight. It’s a pretty incredible feeling. I don’t get tired in the late afternoons anymore; my clothes hang off me now—all good things. It’s so extremely empowering to know that it’s my DECISION to look the way I want to look, and I will always thank you for educating me on what I’m really doing when I choose to eat this or that. I follow your advice and don’t eliminate any foods entirely, but save certain ones for special occasions. The bottom line is when I have a choice (and I almost always have a choice), I choose to be healthy. And healthy, it turns out, can also be tasty. Who knew? —Tyler Kepner, Wilton, CT

Loryn has a sophisticated and mindful approach to nutrition, weight loss, and better health. There is no calorie counting, measuring, or fake, processed foods to buy. She works in private sessions or groups, using cutting edge nutritional science and sound principles that work. Her nutritional counsel is a valuable, thinking-person’s strategy to a lifetime of good eating habits. —Tedd Weisman, M.D. (Orthopedic Surgery), Milford, CT





I began my education with Loryn because I had chronic inflammation impacting my life on a regular basis. I knew that inflammation leads to a host of diseases, and I also knew that food could be a powerful cure, but I had trouble adhering to changes. After doing the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX, I continued with the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE and BEYOND THE BASICS classes. I now have powerful tools to use to stay focused on “eating to live” rather than “living to eat!” Loryn shares so much information and has contacts for additional help—from doctors to personal trainers to supplements—she’s a one-stop-shop. She is a great coach and cheerleader who really takes a personal interest in your health and wellness goals. I now have more control over diseases than they have over me. Food choices can do that for you! It’s empowering! —Marilyn, Wilton, CT

When I look back on 2017, I can guarantee one of the things I will be most grateful for is the recommendation to call Loryn.  She helped me lose 40 pounds in 4 months!  I am thinner and more fit than I have been in 9 years!  I recently had my annual check up and my doctor looked at me in amazement and was thrilled when all of my blood work came back and was improved or better than it’s been in 10 years!  I can’t thank her enough for her advice and counsel – and we did it all over the phone – we never met in person.  She is very direct about what you need to do and also compassionate about the magnitude of the change you’re trying to make in your life.  She is extremely supportive and very accessible throughout the process.  If you’re debating about whether to call her, don’t hesitate.  She changed my life and helped me feel great again and help me set a great example for my young son.  Loryn – from the bottom of my heart – thank you!  – T.F. in Massachusetts

I so enjoyed the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class and certainly learned a lot from you and the group. I am so happy to have found you! I cannot believe all I did not know about nutrition and healthy living, particularly since I have been “dieting” on and off all my life. I have been involved before in other programs, and you have been the only one to really show concern and caring. Because you really believe in and practice what you teach, the whole experience is that much more rewarding. I learned more about myself in these short weeks than I have in all my 67 years. Thank you, Loryn. —Dolores Mitchell, Wilton, CT

I recently took the BEYOND THE BASICS class with Loryn. My goal was to find additional ways to help manage my autoimmune thyroid disease and hormonal shifts through diet. The class was extremely helpful, as Loryn educated me on a variety of supplements and food choices to energize and give me greater stability. Accountability through weekly weigh-ins was also an essential tool in helping to maintain my desire to remain healthy. I highly recommend this program—it was so informative and I met some wonderful people along the way! —Lisa Sallese, Wilton, CT

My goal coming into the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class was simple; lose weight. I realized after the first week that this was simplistic and that my life goal is to get healthy and stay healthy. My mother died from complications of diabetes. Restyling my approach to a healthy lifestyle will keep me from suffering the same fate and give me energy to lead a fulfilling life. I learned a lot of the science behind how our bodies function the way they do and how to keep them running optimally. After 6 weeks I’m committed to continue this process. I may have setbacks but I have the tools to make course corrections along this journey. – Vaneese Thomas, Westchester, NY


This 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX has been great for me! I immediately started feeling better and so happy. Within only two weeks, my inflammation was almost gone and my knee feels so much better! The arthritis in my hip is not bothering me nearly at all, now! That is a miracle. Also, I suffer from depression and I have not felt depressed even one day since I started this detox. The food I eat really affects me! I was so down hearted because my body was falling apart and now I have a new lease on life. I even drive around without the radio because I have so many clearheaded thoughts.
I love shopping for good food. It makes me feel important. I somehow forget when I start eating poorly how much I actually enjoy eating good food. It is amazing to eat a meal not feel any ill effects in any way. I really see it as putting fuel in my body that is good for my body. I would not put bad gasoline in my car. Why would I put bad fuel in my body? Today I got my first compliment from someone I hadn’t seen in a while – they said “oh my gosh, you look great!” Thank you very much! — Lucy Berry, CT

I spent 15 years of my life being obese, making excuses, trying and failing at many diets, finally tired of being “the fat girl,” and standing on the sidelines of my own life. Loryn has been an excellent guide on my weight loss journey. She works with your individual needs and is so supportive and knowledgeable. I have lost over 40 pounds and have learned so much about nutrition and health. I’m learning to be conscious of what I eat and why I want to eat it, to have a plan, and then try to stick to it. I feel such a sense of accomplishment having reached my goal, and no longer have to shop for clothes in the “fat lady” department. When I started with Loryn, I was a size 18. Now I’m a size 12. I will never go back to my old self again! Maggie, Norwalk, CT

I just wanted to touch base with you after the wonderful 14-DAY JUMPSTART program and all the other things I have learned from you. After returning from my recent trip, my weight had jumped up a few pounds, but I am now down a total of 10 pounds. Following the tips you gave me helped me maintain and lose the additional weight and I am very happy with my progress. Thank you for all the education you have provided me as you are the reason for my weight loss success. I believe seeing results makes you believe you can change your eating habits and actually lose weight. —B.S. Southbury, CT

I took the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE 6 week program with Loryn and was blown away by my results. Prior to Loryn, I had hit an all time high weight after 4 years of college and a transition to a 9 – 5 work life. At almost 180 pounds, I was the heaviest I had ever been and knew I needed to make a change. My sister had just completed Loryn’s class and recommended it to me since she knew what I was looking for. I can’t thank Loryn enough for

this program and what it did for me. I lost 12 pounds, gained muscle mass, and most importantly, gained knowledge. I’m 25 and for the first time in my life I feel like I have control over my body. Not only did Loryn teach me what being “healthy” means but I can live my life understanding how and what food does to my body. I feel like I can have a treat and maintain my weight, lose weight to get back on track, or reach a new goal if I want to. You truly feel like you have a personalized program designed just for you and your lifestyle! Honestly, this was just another huge step in my journey and I would recommend this class to anyone regardless of where you are. Thank you, Loryn! —Elizabeth Sfondrini, CT

I walked into Loryn’s office — a tired, stressed out, over-fat, single, professional and Mom ready to make a new start. I have since participated in Loryn’s Restyle Your Lifestyle, Back to Basics and 28 Day Cleanse & Detox programs. My transformation has taken so many forms.  It’s not just that I am slimmer (even my shoe size shrunk!), but I’ve learned so much on my journey. Before the programs, I really thought I KNEW a lot about healthy eating. But my body isn’t the same as it was just a few years ago. I was a train wreck on the brink of type II diabetes but didn’t know it at the time. Loryn imparted a wealth of current, accurate information with a very practical and personable approach. I replaced a slew of bad eating habits I didn’t know I had with healthy routines that I don’t think twice about and are now ingrained in my lifestyle. Without dieting, I’ve replaced close to 50 pounds of extra flesh with an abundance of energy and continually impress myself with what I can accomplish just in a day. I practice mindfulness when selecting and enjoying the foods that I do eat. I sleep better, and, as a result I have a sharper focus and clearer mind.  I perform better professionally, and am more efficient.  I am less stressed, and am happier — more confident.  Most important of all, I am a better Mom to a beautiful 8 year old that can now lock her legs around my waist when I carry her. Walking into Loryn’s office on that fateful day in October changed my world.  I fully intend to continue my journey with Loryn because it’s not a quick-fix program, it’s a lifestyle choice. Thank you Loryn! – Debra Hopke, Ridgefield CT

I am being asked on a regular basis why I look so young and healthy. The answer is Loryn Galardi. I have lost almost 20 pounds in less than four months, and I am having no trouble keeping it off. I never feel hungry or deprived. I feel more energetic and strong and positive about my body. Loryn has an intelligent, supportive approach to nutrition that has done wonders for me. I recommend her highly. —Vicki

I started off with Loryn doing the JUMPSTART program. She gave me all the information that I needed to get started in our initial consultation. I felt motivated and excited to start on my new venture. It was the first time in a long time that I felt ready to take charge of my eating habits. During the week, Loryn was there for me when I emailed her with various questions, and she helped me through temptations that I normally would have buckled under. The 7-Day Jumpstart was a success, I lost five pounds in 10 days, and I am on my way to a healthier me! —Lauren Abrams, Weston, CT



Words can barely express our gratitude to Loryn.  Our journey has been exhilarating and life-altering – it has had a profound positive impact on the quality of our lives and therefore also our young daughters’ lives. In the 6 months since starting the 28 DAY CLEANSE & DETOX PROGRAM, we have lost 112 pounds between the two of us. We’re seeing amazing results in how we look, in blood test results and in our energy levels and confidence. After having such great success with that program, we continued with the 6 week RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE program, and then the 4 week BEYOND THE BASICS classes. We have completely changed our relationship with food and we’ve learned how to make the right choices – we no longer eat for the sake of eating, and we simply do not feel deprived. Brad was exercising with a trainer for 2 years without seeing any weight loss – but once we changed our nutritional habits under Loryn’s guidance, the pounds started melting off and exercise really became an accelerator for weight loss. Within this 4 month period, Brad’s triglycerides are down 80%, total cholesterol down 25% and HDL (good cholesterol) up 25%. Our success is a testament to Loryn’s approach and to her sincere thoughtfulness in how she works with each individual in her classes.  She has taught us how to make those lifestyle changes in a way that will be truly permanent for the rest of our lives. Thank you, Loryn, from the bottom of our hearts! – Caroline and Brad, Wilton, CT

How can I adequately say thank you for changing my life? This is the first time where I have control over what I eat and how I eat it. No more fad diets, binging, or being trapped in a vicious cycle. If you would have told me when I started this journey last May that I would lose 20 pounds and keep it off, I wouldn’t have believed you. I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight of almost 20 years ago. I have finally emptied my closet of my fat clothes. The most important gift I have received from your program is the feeling of empowerment. I feel so free!! I now eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, which keeps me in touch with my mind, body, and spirit. When I completed my first 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX workshop with you last May, I was so afraid I would go back to my old ways and gain all the weight back. It hasn’t happened and I know now that it never will because I control my food—not the other way around. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! —Cindi McCann, Westport, CT

Prior to joining the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class, my list of excuses as to why I couldn’t follow a weight loss plan were endless. I was too tired to plan meals, got bored with salads, too hard to measure things, too costly to buy healthy foods, didn’t want to eat differently than the rest of my family and—at the end of the day—I DESERVED to eat whatever I wanted because it was the only thing that I could completely control, and I didn’t want to deprive myself of the pleasure.

To say that Loryn’s program has changed my life forever is an understatement. I feel great, have more energy, sleep better, and do not feel deprived at all. I finally understand the toxic nature of my life-long addiction to food. I now plan my meals effortlessly. I am not tired of any food because there is enough variety to keep things different. I don’t feel restricted going out to restaurants. I take my lunch to work every day and my coworkers are genuinely jealous of my lunches.

The meetings are unbelievably helpful and they are nothing like I’ve ever experienced. They are fun, educational, and Loryn works hard to create a supportive environment. Anyone who has an excuse for not changing their eating habits should give this program a try. I thank the friends I have made at Comprehensive Nutrition’s program for their support and thank Loryn Galardi for her tireless effort to help make a difference in each of our lives. —Hilda Maria Delucia, Bethel, CT

Gregg Feldman

Many have inquired about my ongoing lifestyle change/weight loss/improved attitude towards health. Here comes the secret: It’s Loryn Galardi and her program(s)! After battling my relationship with food for most of my life, Loryn has helped me realize that my main issue is that I never learned how/why/when/what to eat. Needless to say, she has changed my life. For anyone who has battled their whole life without lasting success, I can honestly say that if she can help me and change MY toxic eating habits, I can assure you she can help anyone. —Gregg Feldman, Wilton, CT



I was so appreciative of Loryn’s knowledgeable, no-nonsense, varied, and interesting approach to the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program. For the first time in my long “dieting” history, I did not once experience the feeling of deprivation; only a reassurance that I was adding “good stuff” for my health and well-being. I was fortunate to experience the wonderful sense of increased energy, better sleep, clearer thinking, and organization in my life. Eleven pounds of weight loss has inspired me to continue with her. Loryn’s approach is truly holistic and her timely quotes and daily emails were a great support. For someone trying to live a 12-step program, Loryn’s programs are a perfect complement! —Anonymous, Westport, CT

Loryn is knowledgeable and conveys her knowledge in a simple way that makes sense. She created a framework and step-by-step process for me to follow. Loryn’s ways are not about super-fast weight loss or faddish diets. It is about moving towards normal, natural health, while losing weight all the while. I lost almost 40 pounds and 24 inches over the past eight months (better yet—three belt holes!). I was able to get off blood pressure and cholesterol medications, as well as diminish my use of one other medication (all with my doctor’s approval). Being so impressed with my results, two of my doctors asked me for Loryn’s name so that they could refer her to others. J. Scott, Wilton, C

With the winter 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program, I have lost nine and half pounds (in two weeks). But even better than that, I feel great. I have so much energy. I work out twice a day. I jump out of bed at 5:30 a.m. and hit the floor running. I have NEVER felt better. I have my life back. I spent a decade being addicted to bread, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, etc. No more. I am convinced you work miracles; I don’t know whether to say thank you or genuflect.
UPDATE: I was celebrating the fact that I no longer fall under the “coffee addict” category thanks to your program. I thought about the cost of what used to be my daily coffee “experience.” The last time I bought a Venti Bold coffee from Starbucks it cost me $2.39. If I didn’t free myself from the herculean grasp of that stuff I would have spent $66.92 on Starbucks Venti Bolds over the past month. If l make it an entire year forgoing my morning Starbucks coffee ritual, I calculate, (with no increase in price due to fuel costs, bad season for coffee crops, etc.), I will save $872.35. I almost ran a red light when I realized I had been drinking a new flat-screen TV every year! Thank you Loryn!

UPDATE:  My results and experiences this time around were very much like the first cleanse; lots of energy from the beginning, and this time my cravings weren’t as strong. My skin, hair, and nails are all better and the bloat is gone. I feel great!! Eleven pounds lost, 3.2 pounds of muscle gained, body fat dropped by 4.3 percentage points (12.7%), visceral fat reduced by 2 points (12.5%). This cleanse gave me the reset button that I needed. I’ve been trying for months to get “recommitted” with no luck. Eating clean is now who I am and it’s what I do. Instead of beer, pizza, and tight pants defining me, it’s jumping out of bed in the morning with amazing energy, rewarding workouts, and being full of life that defines me. Jacqui and I are determined to live the detox lifestyle. Your biggest fan —Greg Coghlan, Fairfield, CT

I am so thankful to have found Loryn Galardi! After one short week, insomnia, irritability, and chronic fatigue no longer have a grip on me. I have felt on-edge and anxious for years, and general practitioners have been unable to find an “ailment.” Through diet and advice alone, I have finally slept soundly for the first time in way too long. There is no going back to my old ways, now that Loryn has enlightened me on the effects of my diet and how to make my body run more efficiently. —Kristin, Wilton, CT

I loved the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class! I have tried different diets before that only worked for a short time (losing 10 pounds, then gaining 10 pounds). The format is so easy to follow—no counting points or calories. My metabolism works so much better since the class, and I lost 15 pounds in just five weeks. I feel much stronger and healthier than before. Loryn is a great teacher; she knows so much about nutrition, could answer every question and most of all, is a great motivator. I can highly recommend working with her to anybody who wants to live a healthier life. —Bettina Hennig, Wilton, CT

The 28-Day Cleanse & Detox and the Restyle your Lifestyle programs have changed my life. I am down 32 lbs (in 3 months) and feel fantastic. All of my cravings are gone, I have tons of energy, no more bloating and no cravings at all. I plan on sticking with the program from here on in. I realized all the bad habits I had and my addictions to sugar, carbs and dairy were off the charts. Today I am longer eating my child’s leftover pizza – Mac and Cheese and I no longer crave junk. Loryn and both programs have changed my life. Everyone stops me and says something and I tell them all about you. Thanks so much!! – Kacey L., Milford CT

Thank you so much for this totally liberating 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX. The most important take-away has been that I’ve made friends with my body again after the train wreck of cancer. I’d tried and failed cleanses in the past because they were too intense and rigid. I also attempted them in isolation which didn’t work. I loved the gentle way you guided us through this process. Since beginning the cleanse with you, I’ve lost 12 pounds and am so excited and empowered by my new awareness about food. I learned how much I use food and drink to medicate when I’m anxious, upset, or down. I also learned how this self-medication made me feel awful instead of better. What a GIFT you’ve given me of self-awareness and the development of a healthier attitude toward food and ME! Thank you! UPDATE: I am now down 17 pounds from the cleanse for a total of 54 pounds! I am rediscovering my waist (AWOL since the baby years), and am minimizing my plethora of chins to just one or two. Many thanks to you, Loryn, for all you’ve done to push this process along. I’m so grateful. —Heidi Y., Ridgefield, CT

I have had an epiphany; I was consuming too much food that I thought was “healthy.” I will probably lose a total of 14 pounds in the 28 days of the CLEANSE & DETOX program. You would not believe the energy I am experiencing. I am down to eight ounces of coffee from the 72 I used to have each day. My spouse is amazed at my energy and quiet temper. Forty years together and 40 diets, but I have never had a life-change plan before. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Thank you all for the beginnings. UPDATE: Just a quick hello to say I love your program and I never felt better. I am now down 41 pounds and have started to exercise—Title boxing! It has been five months since the January detox when I began. UPDATE: Seven months and still believing the “can do” attitude. I am down a solid 50 pounds now. I am walking briskly five days a week—that’s 100 miles a month. God bless you! —A. Christine, Wilton, CT

Natalie Delinger

After developing digestive issues from travel and stress, I grew frustrated with the lack of sufficient answers from doctors and medication. Through working with Loryn Galardi, I’ve learned how helpful a nutritional approach is for the body and one’s well-being. After just one session with Loryn, and only two weeks on a modified diet and supplements, I felt healthier and happier than I had in over a year. I left her office after each session feeling confident and prepared to tackle my stomach problems in a more natural way. Loryn’s methods have proven to be a step in the right direction towards a healthier stomach and a happier me. —Natalie Dellinger, Norwalk, CT


In September 2014 I was overweight, diagnosed with PCOS/insulin resistance, and had lost my dad at 53 to diabetes complications three years earlier. After taking Loryn’s RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE and BEYOND THE BASICS classes twice and checking in weekly/monthly, I lost 30 pounds and got my bloodwork where it needed to be. Despite this, I periodically yo-yoed and really wanted to feel healthier. I hadn’t kicked my sugar addiction and I worried I would ultimately sabotage myself. This year, I finally decided to enroll in the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program and made a commitment to free myself from “sugar jail,” as Loryn refers to it. During the 28 days, I found low-calorie, clean dessert recipes made with minimal amounts of natural sweetener that satiate and keep blood sugar stable. I pass on fruit, but continue to make these recipes if I want something that feels indulgent. I never thought I’d see the day I could walk away from a cookie or bake a birthday cake for someone else without eating it! I’ve lost a total of 40 pounds so far, feel the best I’ve ever felt, and best of all—I am finally free from sugar jail!  —Emily, Ridgefield, CT

I had gained 20 plus pounds over the past 10 years and really wanted to get back on track.  The RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class got me motivated and focused on so much more than just the foods I am eating. The specific class with the visual about portion sizes and when to eat certain foods is what will stick with me. I am much more mindful of what foods are ‘triggers’ for me and I am planning out foods that are treats.  I lost almost 10 pounds during the 6 week session and look forward to continuing this lifestyle change.  I don’t feel food is in charge of me now.  I am in charge of food and of my behavior! – Lynne Marino, Wilton CT



As a very busy working mother of three, I rarely have time to take care of myself. Doing the 14-DAY JUMPSTART was one of the best decisions of my life. Loryn’s clear, well-planned program is not only amazingly effective, but made grocery shopping and meal decisions so easy. In such a short period of time, my energy was off the charts, I was sleeping well and feeling better than I have in years. I even lost weight without ever feeling hungry. I would have never believed all of this was possible in such a short time or that I would learn such useful information for my everyday life. Loryn is so gifted at what she does! I could not recommend her program more highly. This is absolutely unlike any other program around. It teaches you what works for YOU so that you can stick to it and feel amazing. Thank you, Loryn!! —Janie B, Weston, CT

I had gotten to the point where I needed to make a big change. I had tried Weight Watchers, lost weight, but I put it back on when I wasn’t paying attention. We are almost three weeks into the 28DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program and I’m down 11 pounds. My original goal for the month-long cleanse was 10 pounds. So to say I’m thrilled is an understatement. I’m learning a new approach to what I eat. My plan is to incorporate this program into my everyday eating so that I can lose another 19 pounds by the time I have my high school reunion in October. For the first time, I really believe I can do it. UPDATE ONE WEEK LATER: I am now down 14.5 pounds. Of this, 13 were fat pounds. I also lost a total of 20 inches! My teenage daughter started doing just the healthy eating part of the plan and has lost six pounds in a week. We all have a whole new outlook on food, and it’s really great. UPDATE ONE MONTH LATER: I’m now down 18 pounds and still going! It’s very exciting. I’m wearing things I haven’t worn in years. —Joanne, Westport, CT


I’d been hanging on to an extra five to 10 pounds ever since the birth of my son five years ago. I would lose three or four pounds, plateau, and then climb back up to where I started. I also battled intermittent digestive issues. Loryn gave me a clear, consistent, and easy-to-understand plan. I followed it and lost 12 pounds and eight inches in eight weeks. My body fat dropped from 32% to 28%. My bloating and stomach issues pretty much ceased. I ate normal food, from normal grocery stores, and added back the fat I had cut out of my diet. I even planned for an occasional glass of wine. I would highly recommend Loryn to anyone that wants to look and feel better. UPDATE: I had lost 12 pounds in the fall, so I figured the detox would help my “insides.” I have kicked the sugar cravings, am feeling good, and lost another four pounds. Sixteen pounds total on my 5’3″ frame is really noticeable! Thanks for all your guidance. —Anonymous, Wilton, CT

My goal was to lose 15 pounds, feel better, and reduce the medications I was taking daily for several chronic medical conditions. After about 10 days, I felt 100% better. I was losing weight, felt my body getting “younger,” had more energy, was not tired, and generally felt great. The materials you provided were eye-opening and easy to understand. The supplements are a huge benefit. I was chronically toxic—who knew that the food I was eating was causing me to be ill? The best thing to come from this program was that after six months, I was able to eliminate the drug I was taking for rheumatoid arthritis. Five months later, I still feel great, am label- and health-conscious, and know what to avoid. Everyone could benefit from this program and I have shared it with several people who have seen positive results.

UPDATE: I am still off anti-inflammatory drugs (it has been two-plus years), and doing well, thanks to your program! I ran into a high school friend and she said, “You look exactly like you did in high school 32 years ago!” I am feeling GREAT at 50, and the compliments are rewarding! —Norma Stockmar, Stamford, CT

Loryn helped me reach my goal in a matter of weeks. She was encouraging and empathetic, full of great knowledge of her field, but also the wisdom of her personal experience. She brings a lightness of spirit and a steady, guiding hand to her work that is invaluable when taking on the challenge of balancing the body-mind-spirit. —Katherine Silvan, Wilton, CT

The RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class was a great experience. I’ve put off losing those “few pounds” for years. As a fitness trainer, I was insecure that I always felt a little overweight. People assured me—it’s not how you look, it’s how motivating you are, how knowledgeable, etc., but it didn’t matter, I still wanted to “feel” like I look now—wonderful! I’ve always known that you can’t just exercise extra weight away, you need to modify your diet as well. Thanks to Loryn’s program, I’ve been able to accomplish what I’m always pushing my clients towards—“the whole package.” —Susan Neumann, Redding, CT




I was ready. I couldn’t stand to gain another pound and go into yet a bigger size. I looked at myself in the mirror getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I was starting to hide from people who hadn’t seen me in a while, and had a physical where the doctor told me I was borderline diabetic. That did it. I came to the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX unsure if I could do it, but bit by bit the pounds started coming off, I had more energy, and I could cross my legs and bend down! My husband loves my new body; my kids say I’m much happier, and I feel amazing! I have been shoveling our driveway which I could not have done before. Loryn, thank you for changing my life. —Debbie Curcio, Norwalk, CT

Debbie Rand

Last Christmas I stepped on the scale and saw 200 pounds. I was 36 years old, 5’3” tall, and out of excuses for why I looked and felt the way I did. It was finally obvious that I lacked the knowledge and drive necessary to change my habits and get healthy. Loryn and I met in private sessions. She helped me to understand that my problems were not insurmountable or unique. But she also made sure I understood that my weight loss was completely dependent on the work I was willing to put in. I moved from the private sessions to the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class. It was the best experience I have ever had to help me lose weight. There were no gimmicks—just real people, like me, trying to be healthier versions of themselves. Loryn filled every class with so much information that we gladly ran over the allotted time to ask questions. Loryn’s excitement and pride at my success was wonderful, but it was her encouragement, rather than judgement, those few times when the scale didn’t move, that was the motivation I needed most. Seven months after my first meeting with Loryn, I have lost 35 pounds and have gone from a size 16 to a size 10. I am still working towards my overall weight loss goal, but my journey won’t end there. I’m looking forward to a lifetime of being as healthy as I can be. Thank you, Loryn, for showing me the way. —Debbie Rand, Ridgefield, CT /Adelaide, South Australia

This is the first time, probably ever, in my life that I just feel…great. I am excited for the future, knowing that there will be cookies, alcohol, and coffee, but only when I want, and sparingly. So empowering! I’m excited to be able to fit into clothes that I haven’t fit into for the past three or four years. Most importantly, I feel like an athlete again, which was a huge part of my identity for 14 years—something I lost when I started working crazy hours. It’s fun to see how inspiring I have been to not just my female co-workers, but also my male co-workers! Thank you again for your help and for giving me an awesome restart. —Keenan Koss, Southport, CT


I loved my experience with the private 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program. At 43, I felt I had to stop wasting time and learn how to eat healthy, and if during the process I lost weight, even better. I decided to do the cleanse after an appointment with my hairdresser who had completed the same detox program. I couldn’t get over how much weight she lost and how young and healthy she looked. I lost almost 12 pounds while eating five times a day on the program. Losing weight was definitely something I hoped would happen, but learning how to eat well and keep off the weight was an invaluable lesson. My clothes fit well, my skin glows, and my confidence is back. After the detox, I lost two more pounds, have continued to maintain the program, don’t feel bloated anymore, and my energy is great. I haven’t felt this good since my twenties. Go see Loryn Galardi. It’s time! —Debbie Murray, Ridgefield, CT





As a “professional dieter,” I could not imagine what Loryn could teach me that I did not already know. I had done every fad diet, followed many “programs,” and read every book. Still, I couldn’t lose or keep off 10 pounds. After working with Loryn, those pounds are gone and they are not coming back! She introduced me to a supplement program that is appropriate for me. Consistent meetings and emails kept me motivated. She has changed the way I think about food! —S.G., Westport, CT

I have learned SO much since I started with you. Going from a lifestyle that consisted of parties, smoking, drinking, and food being the main topic of every event I attended, to making food the last thing I think of. I also quit smoking, which was the best decision I ever made. I’ve also completely transformed my home—even my children and husband have started eating the nutritious things I eat and serve. I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have done it without your help! Hala Alkasm, Naugatuck, CT

When we began the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program, I felt groggy and simply worn out. My goal was to feel better and generally to gain better health. Of course, I also anticipated the byproduct of weight loss. What I did not expect was to reduce my running time dramatically in four weeks. In one month’s time, I reduced my 5K speed by over four minutes and my 10K speed by close to 10  minutes. I also noticed that I was not nearly as fatigued as I normally would be after runs and not nearly as sore the next day. Long story short, I have a lot more energy, the grogginess is gone, and I am jogging like crazy. I have signed up to do my first organized half-marathon and am looking forward to it, knowing that I will be able to finish strong! Thanks for a great cleanse—I have lost at least 17 pounds! —Blake Stevens, Wilton, CT

Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement through this 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX. This is the second time I have done this and I feel I have the hang of it now. I feel great and I am down seven and half pounds. I have learned so much about food and what my body does and does not need. This has been a wonderful experience for my body and I can’t wait to do it again in the fall. Blake and I will be training all summer for a half-marathon in the fall, so we are detoxed and ready to go! I would recommend this to anyone, it is the best thing! —Lisa Stevens, Wilton, CT

I learned so much from the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program. After spending the majority of my life going to doctors and specialists I just about given up when they had no answers, and just popped Advil like they were Tic Tacs to handle chronic body aches. I am very sensitive to gluten but didn’t know it. About 2 weeks into my first cleanse, having removed all gluten, it suddenly dawned on me that my body hadn’t hurt for a few days and I hadn’t taken any Ibuprofen at all. I have been going to doctors for this since I was 5 years old so this discovery was life changing! I’ve done the program many times over the last 4-5 years and each one is a bit different. During my first cleanse I saw my energy levels sore, I woke up most mornings feeling well rested and I lost 11 pounds. I learned that eating clean as much as I can gives me so much more energy and it helps with my mood. It’s actually pretty easy to eat clean in real life! I have spent most of my life struggling with food, obsessing about food, trying not to eat too much, etc. I learned that a brownie will not make or break my waistline, but it will send me down a path of food cravings and obsessive food thoughts. I rarely eat anything with gluten and I drink a lot of water with lemon. Not only did I learn so much and lose weight but I made many healthy changes to my diet! – Alica Westerlund, Fairfield CT

As a whole, I feel really good. I have had no aches or pains and no negative physiological complaints at all. I am actually more even-keeled and less anxious. As far as the weight loss—I lost eight pounds in seven days. In total, I have lost 15 pounds in 18 days. I am very happy and I feel I have had a genuinely life-changing experience. The positive changes mentally and physically are so significant that I actually feel better about life as a whole. I am very grateful for the 28DAY CLEANSE & DETOX experience. —Allan Styer, Larchmont, NY

This year I lost 41 pounds between September and April beginning with the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE classes. The classes were informative and helped me become more aware of the role food played in my life and the new habits I needed to develop. Loryn helped me modify my vision of what a “healthy me” would look like. Within the classes there were specific, personalized suggestions for each of us. There was also clear data about the weekly progress we were making. It has been fun to fit into smaller sizes and to impress my doctor at my annual checkup. Loryn has helped me lose the weight and has increased my chances of keeping it off. There’s a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. I’m glad that when I was ready, Loryn was there. She’s helped me move from a BIG self to a BETTER self. —Dave Canavan, Wilton, CT

I’m just a few pounds away from losing 40 pounds in my fortieth year. I just wish my dad were still around to pat me on the back for what I have achieved. His passing away from a heart attack was one of my motivations. I was an active 39-year-old woman with three little kids, and I had been overweight for quite some time. With each child and life’s stresses, bad habits seemed to only get worse. Everything turned around for me when I took the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class. Loryn provides clear information and a plan and support that are a great balance between direct instruction and mediated discussions. You feel so good, physically and mentally, when you follow her program that you don’t want to go back to your old ways. Loryn is the utmost professional who has an incredible dedication to her clients and their well-being. Whether you are looking to lose five or 50 pounds, sleep better or get healthy, it is worth taking one of her classes or meeting with her one-on-one. —Lisa, Wilton, CT

My initial goal going into the 28 Day CLEANSE & DETOX Workshop was to lose weight, increase my energy and begin an exercise program. After just two days I noticed a very unexpected change in my emotional state. I felt powerful, strong and hopeful. I had an overwhelming awareness of being very much in control. I realized that I had been depriving my body in many ways. I learned that I was depriving my body of necessary nutrients that it needed to function in a healthy manner. Daily advice and messages from Loryn were perfectly scripted to encourage and redirect her participants on their journey.
The nutritional education and coaching gave me the ability to far exceed those goals. Much more than a weight loss program, Loryn Galardi has researched and fine-tuned her program to bring many more benefits to her participants. Nutrition, emotional well-being, self respect, self control, personal rewards, freedom from unhealthy eating habits, the realization that your mind and body experience is unique to each of us, decision making, clarity of thoughts and goals and learning how, what, where and sometimes why we chose to derail our nutritional well being.
I would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their health. These are not deprivation based programs. On the contrary, results come from education and implementation of the information. Loryn’s dedication to her clients is equal to none. She is most interested in her clients adapting their nutritional practices to lifetime habits.  – Robin Lynch, Wilton CT



Thanks so much for introducing this 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX to my sister and me. I did it REMOTELY as a “distance detoxer” while my sister attended the meetings as she is local. I ran three miles on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Weights on Wednesday and Saturday. My life doesn’t revolve around thinking about eating. I seem to eat when I know I need to—I have NEVER been like that. Honestly, I look and feel better than ever. It has been more than I could have ever imagined. I plan to take everything I have learned and incorporate it as best I can into my daily life. I want to continue feeling the way this program has made me feel. And, I have now lost 12 pounds! —Deidre Hedmark, Cape Cod, MA

After my first year at college, I could feel the negative effects of the “freshman fifteen” on my body. I came to Loryn to help me not only lose weight, but to also learn how to keep myself healthy while eating dining hall food on campus. In just one short month, I lost seven pounds, was sleeping better, and had a lot more energy! Loryn teaches you how to eat in a way that makes your body happy and keeps you full all day long. I am still working toward my end goal, but I am now confident that I will be able to succeed even while at school! Cicely Reich, Ridgefield, CT


I’ve lost 42 pounds in just a few months; Loryn is the greatest. I have tried other programs and they did not do the job. Her program really works. Just take a look at my before and after pics. I owe her big time! —Charlie Reyes, Norwalk, CT








I joined the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program with a few health concerns: stiffness in my hands, lethargy, not sleeping well, and gaining a few pounds. I was cautiously optimistic that this program could help, but I must say I am shocked at how I feel I have transformed in these last 28 days. The stiffness in my hands is gone. It subsided by day 10 and was pain-free altogether by the second week. My energy is way up and I am sleeping through the night. I am doing and accomplishing more daily, and just feel happier all around. Finally, I have lost 10 pounds! I haven’t felt hungry and more importantly, have begun to feel more and more “satisfied” with the foods and shakes as the weeks progress. This has been a very transformative 28 days for me. I have no intention of going back to my old way of eating and living. Thank you for everything! —Stacy McGratty, Ridgefield, CT

I joined Loryn’s RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class and it has been life-changing for me. Loryn creates a comfortable and compassionate environment that is tailored to each individual. She teaches you how to eat well and make reasonable choices for you. I feel so blessed to have met Loryn and would recommend this class to anyone who needs help with weight loss. Her support and guidance motivated me to lose 15 pounds, and set me on the right track for healthy eating. Loryn is an absolute gem. UPDATE 6 MONTHS LATER: I am still losing, down 35 pounds. So happy with my new routines. —Melissa Riley, Westport, CT


I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease after a routine blood test showed my liver functions were elevated. The cause could not be found even after extensive testing. I discussed a liver cleanse with my doctors, but they said, “don’t bother.” At that point, I consulted with Loryn to see if she could help me. I love sweets, and she explained how too much sugar can affect the liver over time. She suggested I do a 28-day liver detox program. I was willing go to any length to improve my health. I have lost a total of 18 pounds, and my liver is no longer fatty! Due to Loryn’s coaching, education, guidance, and wisdom, I am more conscious of how much, what, and when I eat. I feel great! THANK YOU LORYN!! —Bonnie Marini, Poinciana, FL


After working together for about six months, Loryn has helped me become a much healthier person through understanding nutrition and how eating clean affects my entire life. Simply stated, she is incredible at what she does. She challenges her clients, but at the same time provides the tools to meet your goals. I know there is no way I could have ever gotten as far as I have without her expert guidance. Marc, Stamford, CT

My reasons for joining the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program, were numerous. I thought I was a good eater, but I have “issues” with sugar. I have always had a very active lifestyle but in November of 2015 I had foot surgery. I went from running 25-30 miles per week, cross training and weight training to absolutely doing nothing for 10 weeks. I had a difficult time physically, emotionally, and then you throw in the beginning stages of menopause – need I say more? I also have high cholesterol due to my genetics but I cannot take statins. I knew I was headed in the wrong direction. What I have taken away from the program is far more than I had ever anticipated and really stretched my mind to spots that I never thought it would go. I have learned the art of creating a meal that is healthy, tasting, filling and fulfilling on all the other levels that we look for in food. I learned how much I was reliant on food for comfort, release of stress, anxiety, anger and frustration. Restructuring my meals and using food as fuel for my body has been a valuable lesson. Never a good sleeper, I now sleep like a baby. My night sweats are gone, my mood swings are non-existent, and my energy level is to a point where I don’t know what to do with it all. And, I have lost weight thus increasing my confidence. I am realizing how really bad I was feeling and how grateful I am for this opportunity and the guidance in learning a new healthier, enjoyable lifestyle. This experience has been a true eye opener on so many levels. I want to thank you for all of your input, guidance and professionalism during this past month. I know that this is now a new part of me and I am welcoming it with open arms and mouth – for all the right things to enter! – Wendy Lynch, New Canaan CT


This past July I embarked on a journey that led me to better health. With the help of a great nutritionist named Loryn Galardi, my outlook on health changed. With each meeting, I learned something new. Her guidance has been invaluable. Big shout-out to Loryn for helping me see the way! —Cathy Cenatiempo, Norwalk, CT







Private Distance Detox #1: I was trapped in an intense pattern: strong morning coffee, grazing all day, frequent meals out, too many cocktails, and really intense workouts. I was not listening to my body at all. I’ve slowed the pace of my life and no longer feel the need to use coffee and cocktails to get me going or settle me down. The rest of my life has truly benefitted as well. I am more organized at work and significantly more productive during the day. My routine has undergone a complete 180. I am down almost 10 pounds, and I wasn’t even looking for weight loss. I could never have done this solo, so thank you for your support!

Private Distance Detox #2: I am especially encouraged by four changes in the past three weeks: 1) The early morning creases under my eyes are gone (I swear I look five years younger); 2) Pants that were too tight a month ago are now loose; 3) I am now running six miles without stopping (started at three miles with a few walking breaks); 4) I wake up happy and ready to get started on my day. I used to be a clean counter tyrant, meaning there was nothing on them except a bowl of apples and an espresso machine. Now, I like the “clutter” of lemons, squash, bananas, a blender, spices, chia seeds, cutting board, etc. Revolutionary! Thanks for everything! Once again, a life changer. —Alison, Maui, HI

I was perpetually stuck at an unhappy weight, believing age and a slowing metabolism as non-negotiable factors. Today, I’m excited to say that Loryn helped me lose over 30 pounds and several clothing sizes over a six-month period of time. Loryn’s truly comprehensive program taught me a rational approach to eating and a healthy way of living. Her strategy as to why to eat, what, and when, along with explaining the importance of exercise made sense to me—finally! Other programs I revisited over-and-over again, neglecting to embrace the logic that helped me adopt a common sense “back to basics” way of eating and overall self-care. Thank you Loryn! —Peggy G., Wilton, CT

I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom, patience, and expertise. You have changed my life for the better! I am writing this at the end of my third 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX WORKSHOP. I am an example of someone who from the outside looks really healthy. I’m young, not overweight, and love exercising. However, a year and a half ago, I started to feel sluggish a lot of the time. It was two years after having my second child, three years after starting my own business, and not long after both of my parents had been diagnosed with medical conditions that I came to you. I had an inkling that things weren’t right on the inside and simply wanted a reset. What I received was eye opening and life changing. The detox showed me that I had forgotten to take care of myself in order to take care of my family. I also learned quickly how little I knew about proper nutrition from the 6-week RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE classes.  For people interested in this program, I cannot stress enough that this is not just a weight loss program. It taught me that making my health a priority doesn’t mean I’m making my family any less of a priority. It taught me that how I feel on a day-to-day basis is 90% what I eat, while all along I thought it was about exercise! It taught me that all of us, no matter our weight, age, or gender, can benefit from improving what we put into our body. It taught me that this is a life long journey but not in a way that feels daunting. It taught me to ask for help when I’m going through a difficult period rather than turning to food for comfort. I have incorporated so much of what we do in the DETOX and RESTYLE into my day-to-day life. You, Loryn, are a gem. Working with you over the last year and a half has been eye opening, inspiring, and exciting. I know this will not be my last program and I look so forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you for your passion and dedication to what you do! – Ashley Krauss, Wilton CT

I am a 60-year-old, 6’ 3” male, weighing 198 pounds, probably drinking too much socially, and had never thought much about what I ate. Boy, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. I got involved with Loryn’s 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program and can honestly say it has been an eye-opening learning experience that I never thought I needed. I’ve lost 16 pounds in 28 days. Loryn’s easy-going manner, while still motivating us all to stay on course through the 28 days, was amazing. She is truly a very talented woman. I recommend this program whole-heartedly, especially for those like me who don’t think they need it. —Don, Wilton, CT

I’ve struggled with food most of my life. I came to the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class to not only lose weight, but to be a healthier person physically. Loryn’s attention to detail, willingness to listen to your ideas about food, and the way she explains her materials, is a true testament to her as a teacher and a person. In six weeks, I have totally changed the way I eat. I am now having veggies with dinner and I replaced those sweets with fresh fruit. I feel better than I’ve felt in seven or eight years. I am also happy to report that I have lost 31 pounds in nine weeks. —David Dressler, Westport, CT




Stacey Chrostoforidis

My private detox was absolutely amazing. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could do this. I gained weight beginning last year when I decided to get healthy by not smoking. Unfortunately, I ended up gaining 20 pounds. To make matters worse, I ended up with two surgeries, and gained even more weight due to a lack of exercising and not eating properly. I finally said “enough!” and contacted Loryn. It truly was one of the best decisions I made. She taught me how to eat the right way. Not only was the weight a challenge, but my oral allergy syndrome prohibits me from eating certain fruits and vegetables. But Loryn and I worked through this. I watch the numbers on the scale continue to go down and it only makes me more determined. Loryn was so supportive through this all, as I emailed her every single day. Thank you for changing my life. Not only am I beginning to look better, but more importantly, I feel better and I definitely am much happier because of this incredible accomplishment. —Stacey Christoforidis, Norwalk, CT

I’m feeling great and loving everything I’m eating. One of my friends here at college was talking about how she’s on a diet and it’s awful. I want to share everything I know with her, because Loryn’s eating program is helping me lose weight and I absolutely don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Thank you! Laurie, New York University

GOAL! I’ve been at my goal weight for about a week and am feeling really good thanks to the 14-DAY JUMPSTART program. The shakes are delicious and filling. The information given at the counseling sessions has been helpful in learning a new way to think about eating. I’ve lost 14 pounds in eight weeks—quite impressive weight loss for me! —D. H., Wilton, CT

Genevieve Eason

I decided to do a cleanse as a way of trying to break my sugar addiction. It was starting to feel as though my whole day revolved around eating sweets. Quitting cold turkey was a challenge, but I am so glad I did it! I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food. It feels like a wonderful accomplishment, and now I know that I can control what I put in my mouth. My energy level is way up because I’m not crashing off my sugar high over and over again each day. I’ve been able to get more exercise, and am sleeping more soundly at night. Weight loss wasn’t my primary goal, but I’ve lost nine pounds. I’m not hungry and I don’t feel deprived, but I’m no longer consuming all those empty calories. I’m so glad that I took this time to focus on me and what my body needs. Thank you, Loryn, for providing the guidance and support to make it possible! —Genevieve Eason, Wilton, CT

Carla Parks

I’m so excited! My weight hasn’t been this low since November 2006. To say I’m encouraged is an understatement! You and your program are magic. I love all the food choices, and the supplements and protein shakes are working for my hot flashes. Thank you for taking me on as a long-distance client. —Carla Parks, Charlotte, NC



My weight-loss journey began once I finally realized that being 210 pounds and 5’5″ wasn’t okay. I joined a gym, got a trainer, and began eating better. However, I still had medical problems, stomach issues, and was only able to lose about 35 pounds. Going to see Loryn is one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in a long time. She is extremely knowledgeable and despite having to work with my many food allergies, has set me up with a program that works. Within a week, most of my stomach issues were resolved and have remained resolved for almost two years. Changing my eating habits and lifestyle has opened up so many opportunities in my life. I’m happier with the way I look, I have more energy, am performing better at my job, and am able to do more active things. I currently weigh 148 pounds, which is within about 10 pounds of my ultimate goal! Erica, NYC

After I attended your 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program in January, I have continued to lose weight. To date, I have lost 25 pounds and I feel fantastic, thanks to you. Many people have complimented me and ask how I did it. I always give them your name. Thanks again. —Tina, Wilton, CT







After trying and failing every attempt at dieting, my cardiologist recommended Loryn. She gave me a lot of information, recipes, and suggestions of where to shop and what to buy. After that first visit, I made a commitment to myself and my family. Not only did I have to change what I ate, but I had to change how I ate. Loryn would give encouragement and not judge. With the tools she gave me, I was able to go on vacation, eat well, and I still lose two pounds! In four months, I lost 35 pounds and 17 inches. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND LORYN TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR HEALTH! Bill Wargo, Stratford, CT

Today is the 28th day of my 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX and I feel fabulous! This journey has been an incredible one in many ways. Being a business owner and in the animal rescue world (both take an incredible amount of time), I lost sight of my healthy lifestyle. I have not felt this good in many, many years. My energy level is beyond belief (and I thought I had energy before). My sleeping is sound and my eating habits have changed drastically. I have lost 13 pounds and my clothes fit like they should again! I will continue to practice all that I have learned from this journey. Thank you, Loryn, for getting my health back on track. —Valerie DeVito, Stamford, CT 

Throughout my life, I have tried many ways to be healthy, fit, and to lose weight. Call me yo-yo. I chose to work with Loryn because she encourages eating real, wholesome food combined with exercise. I didn’t want the latest fad, chemicals, or anything processed. Rather, my goal was to find a lifestyle change; something I could live with and could model for my family. I did three programs, spanning 14 weeks: The 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOXRESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE and BEYOND THE BASICS. The detox helped me break my sugar addiction. The Restyle was a perfect continuation; I settled into my “new normal” way of eating. Beyond the Basics continued to keep me on track. Loryn was available for questions and helped me think through/plan how to eat when going out to dinner, attending a wedding weekend away, going to a party, going to the movies, throwing a party, vacation, work dinner/lunch, etc. For me, it was about being conscious of my choices, and to make good choices. Loryn has helped me find a new enjoyable, livable lifestyle. Results have been both numerical and non-numerical:

• My refrigerator, freezer, and pantry have had a “makeover” and look and feel healthier.
• I dropped three dress sizes.
• For the first time since moving to Connecticut 15 years ago, I didn’t suffer from seasonal allergies. (Shocking, but true.)
• Metrics are better: BMI lower, percent muscle vs fat is a better ratio, visceral fat lower, hydration improved
• Lost 39 pounds over the 14 weeks! (Did I mention I did this while hosting Thanksgiving and attending holiday parties?)
Most importantly, I have started a “new normal” way of living. I am a good role model for my family. I finally feel empowered instead of deprived! I am so happy I met Loryn and started working with her! —Sharon, Wilton, CT

I look back on the past 28 days (in the CLEANSE & DETOX program), and I feel so lucky that I was able to participate in such a positive, uplifting, and motivating experience. This detox has given me a new start, a new way of being, something to look forward to, a new me. I didn’t realize how depressed and foggy I really was until this day and I never want to go back. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will be forever grateful to you. —Allyson McDowell, Wilton, CT

Weight loss through nutrition is both a promise and a path to better health. But simply knowing what to do, more often than not, fails to become long-term change without understanding why certain aspects of our behavior exist in the first place. This is where Loryn’s leadership truly excels. She encourages each person to identify and take responsibility for silencing their underlying triggers that result in unhealthy behavior. She also creates a space where everyone feels secure sharing their experiences. Hopefully the lessons learned in the RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE program will continue to be incorporated into my lifestyle for years. With the knowledge, insight, and inspiration this course and environment offers, I will never have a better opportunity to make that happen. Thank you! —Steve Singer, New Canaan, CT

I woke up Friday feeling great and with more energy. This 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX has to become a way of life for me. I am trying to reprogram my household to understand healthy versus easy choices, and perhaps socially acceptable choices, that are not optimal. Diet is a center to all we do. It’s also a reflection of self-discipline and I believe people who show discipline in their diet are more apt to show discipline in all areas of their life. I have noticed that if I eat healthier foods I actually don’t need to eat as much. Empty nutritional calories keep us craving because we haven’t given our bodies the high octane it deserves. Quality, not quantity. I am loving this experience. This is the best cleanse ever! —Jacquelyn Bayne, Wilton, CT

The 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program was a great experience. It has changed my thought process of what are good foods and how I should eat and monitor portion sizes. Prior to starting the program, I was at 182 pounds and finished at 168 pounds. The shocker is that this was with very minimal exercise. My job requires lunches with customers and even with that, it was still very easy for me to stay within the plan and eat properly. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get back on track and eat the proper foods. Thanks again. —David Streeter, Wilbraham, MA

I waited way too long to come see you. Your no-nonsense, knowledge-based approach gives individuals great insight into what’s going on in their daily battle of weight-loss versus nutrition benefits. You clearly showed how we’ve been deluding ourselves in the advertising mayhem of sugary, toxic food promotions. The RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE class gave us ample ammunition to differentiate the good/bad trade-offs on food labels once and for all. I always looked forward to each week’s presentation, cutting-edge nutrition info, generous dose of recipes, articles, and Q&As. Can’t wait to do your detox class. —Eva Laska, Wilton, CT

I can honestly say I have not felt this great since before having my kids (who are now seven and eight years old)! The 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program helped me identify food sensitivities that I would have never even considered. I am off my sinus medication and no longer suffer from digestive problems. I was hoping to lose five to seven pounds and I’ve actually lost 11 pounds so far. I feel it has completely changed the way I eat. The best part is the freedom from cravings for junk. For the most part, I truly don’t miss it. I feel empowered and ready to face the holidays. Thank you so, so much! —J.C., Fairfield, CT

The 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program was a really, really, great experience. I was tired, my clothes didn’t fit, and I had no energy to work out; I just felt terrible. The program was AWESOME!! Since I travel a lot, the daily email instruction was perfect and I was able to still follow the plan despite being away from home quite a bit. Food is no longer in control. The shakes taste really great and I am still incorporating them into my eating regime post-detox. Loryn is FANTASTIC!!!! She is always there to provide support and suggestions. If you listen to her and follow the plan, the pounds do disappear and you feel AMAZING! I have more energy, I feel clean, and my husband and I have both lost over 15 pounds. The 28 days is really helpful, as it helps develop a habit and more of a lifestyle change. Thank you Loryn!! —Lisa and Don, Redding, CT

I was happy with my life, but the pounds were starting to increase and I was feeling tired most of the time. I was only 47, but I felt much older. My wife convinced me that we needed the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program, and sadly she was right. I lost nearly 20 pounds in 30 days! My jeans fell off my waist with a slight pull. Unbelievable! My energy level increased every day and I felt better about myself. Thank you for the helpful hints and inspiration. It’s possible if you really want it. —Bob, Ridgefield, CT

I decided to do the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX as my weight has been slowing going up and my cravings were out of control. Let me tell you that I really feel great! I have increased energy, I am sleeping great, and my world doesn’t revolve around food. I feel empowered now. I seek out healthy foods and healthy food establishments because it just makes me feel better. The detox process was not at all difficult. The shakes are delicious and they keep you full and help you to realize it’s not all about food. I loved getting the daily emails from Loryn guiding us through the detox journey together as a team and encouraging us step-by-step. It’s been a great experience!” —P. Stoddart, Ridgefield, CT

Before the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program, I was sluggish, tired, sugar-addicted, and my PMS was SCARY. After only one week I felt more alive, my skin cleared up, I slept better, and my hormones seemed to calm down. For the first time in years I wasn’t starving all day—I was feeling full and satisfied in a way never felt before! I learned so much about what food makes your body feel good and what makes it feel awful. Total revelation! I lost eight pounds and everyone said I looked different. Thank you for everything, Loryn! —Robin P., Fairfield, CT

I came to the 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program because I am a hypoglycemic who lost my way. The shakes were new to me and I was expecting to dislike them. But I now actually look forward to my daily protein shake!! I have also become better about eating healthy snacks again and only eating until I am full. I am now holding at a seven pound weight loss. Life is so much better when your jeans aren’t too tight. —Renea, Weston, CT

The JUMPSTART program was just what I needed to get started on losing weight—something I had put off too long. The shakes were very satisfying and easy to make. Having meals prepared for me was the best thing I could have done with the Jumpstart program. I needed to SEE portion sizes that were going to help me be successful on my weight loss journey. Not only was the food delicious, but the presentation was visually pleasing. And most importantly, it made me feel special having a personal chef to myself for a week! —Rosemary Dellinger, Norwalk, CT

It is your gentle guidance and vast knowledge that have helped me turn my thinking around. I was feeling despondent after having gained weight this winter. The 28-DAY CLEANSE & DETOX has helped me understand the importance of discipline, not only in eating, but also in relationships, everyday tasks, etc. There really is a lot to be gained, (not weight), living in a disciplined way. I will continue until I reach my goal and plan to stay on track for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to you. Thanks for all you’ve done. —M.C., Wilton, CT

The 14-DAY JUMPSTART program was awesome and was the best thing I ever did for myself. The program refocuses how you eat. The shakes are filling and taste really good. Working with Loryn is so wonderful; she spends time with you and is there to support you—always an email away. I continued with Loryn beyond the Jumpstart and am feeling better than I have in a long time, and I’m 12 pounds lighter! Thank you, Loryn, for your help in getting me refocused and on my way to a healthier lifestyle! —Rosemary, Oakville, CT

This is your long-distance member of the group! I have been following along and keeping to the 28DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program. This morning, I saw nine pounds less on my scale! I feel like I am in control of what I eat versus the other way around. There are lots of folks here in Boston who see what I am doing and would love to participate. I am happy with what I have achieved. My sister is my inspiration!!! —Deb Hirsch, Boston, MA

I’ve lost at least 12 pounds, possibly more, with the 28DAY CLEANSE & DETOX. I am at my lightest in at least a decade; it’s almost bizarre to see the number on the scale. And I have to admit, my body looks better…it does have me reaching slower for the toxic stuff. I cannot believe I’ve gone a month without soda, or beef, or pizza. I’ll reintroduce them again, but hopefully in moderation. That scale has been a very powerful inspiration. Thanks so much for at least showing me a route. Whether I can continue on the path is all on me. —Michael Wolfe, Westport, CT

The JUMPSTART helped me to get on track to start losing weight and eating better. I lost five pounds in the first week, and was shocked to find I was not hungry at all! The shakes were delicious and the meals tasted so good, I almost forgot how healthy they were. I have continued the good habits and am down 10 pounds in three weeks, but I am not stopping here! —N. M., Wilton, CT

I have tried many diets and they have always seemed like temporary quick-fixes. Loryn’s RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLE program is completely different because she educates you on WHY certain foods are good for you and WHY certain foods are so terrible. Understanding the science behind food is extremely motivating and empowering. When you have that kind of knowledge, making the correct choice is so much easier. I lost 12 pounds and 12 inches in six weeks. But at the end of the program, the life-long knowledge to make better choices was even more valuable than the weight loss.

UPDATE: I have now lost 10 pounds on the 28DAY CLEANSE & DETOX program for a total of 33 pounds! It’s so motivating! Thanks for this great, sustainable new way of life! —Amy Sanders, Wilton, CT


Corporate Nutrition Programs



I recently ran an ANTIOXDANT SCREENING program for the employees here at Tudor Investments at our Greenwich office. Loryn met with each participant afterwards for a brief nutritional consultation, explaining the relevance of the screening and what actions they could take to improve their immune systems. The program was a huge success and Loryn’s participation was invaluable. I received such positive feedback regarding the exceptional quality of the information that she delivered. Each employee walked away with a realistic program that they could put into action right away. The next day, the chef in our corporate cafeteria informed me that the fruit and vegetable consumption had doubled! I continue to reach out to Loryn and consider her our company’s “resident nutritionist”. —Patty Winter, Nurse Practitioner, Tudor Investments, Greenwich, CT


Loryn Galardi gave three separate CORPORATE NUTRITION presentations in a single day to nearly 100 of our employees here at King Industries. Her message was clear, simple, to-the-point, and very effective. Our employees walked away from the presentation saying, “I CAN do this, I CAN be healthier.” Making healthy choices and having the knowledge to do so is an essential component of our wellness program. Loryn shared her expertise in a very easy to understand manner and as a result, our employees now feel more empowered to pursue healthy living. She also customized the message for our diverse employee population. We couldn’t have found a better partner in this important and challenging endeavor than Loryn Galardi and Comprehensive Nutrition. —Nick Kady, King Industries, Health, Safety and Insurance Coordinator, Norwalk, CT

I really enjoyed going through the KING INDUSTRIES NUTRITION PROGRAM. I have learned a lot about food and the way I eat. The information Loryn provided was amazing. This will not only affect me and my husband, but our children have learned to make smart food choices, too. The visual aids were also great because they stayed with me when we were eating or fixing food. By the end of the program, it was so easy to make meals and pack food for work to keep my eating in line with the plan. Many things have changed for me physically; my skin is clearer, my energy level has increased dramatically, and my joints don’t hurt anymore. —Javairia Sandiford, spouse of King Industries employee

During the KING INDUSTRIES NUTRITION PROGRAM, I learned to shop on the perimeter of the grocery store, to cook with healthier products, and what to eat and what NOT to eat throughout the day. Having positive support at work and at home had a major impact on us. Our energy levels went up and in turn, our attitudes became more positive. It brought us closer together as a couple because we were each other’s support team. We feel better about ourselves inside and out! —Heather Reyes, spouse of King Industries employee

It’s very hard to change the things you have been eating your whole life. But once you make the change, it’s great. I’ll keep using about 70% of the things I learned in the nutrition program for the rest of my life. Overall, my health is much better, my weight is down, and I feel great. It’s good to know the company cares about the employees enough to offer something like this for us. —Anonymous King Industries employee

King’s nutrition program is a wonderful, win-win deal. Everyone got something out of it. You learn something about nutrition and most of all, about yourself. I have not heard any negative comments about the program and feel everyone should be exposed to it. —Anonymous King Industries employee


Thank you so much for coming to both our Wilton and Stamford Building Blocks Early Learning Center locations. The staff and I truly enjoyed having you speak to us about nutrition. All of the information given was very informative and enough to get myself and other people started on the right track. Everyone was talking about it the next day, and how they are going to try some of your ideas. A lot of us started fresh today and set goals! —Carrie Steers, Building Blocks Early Learning Center, Program Director

Loryn Galardi presented a very informative program on NUTRITION AS WE AGE at Milford’s Women Redefining Retirement meeting in August. By the end of the evening, we understood that if we were willing to put into practice just some of her wisdom and advice, we could have more control over our physical and emotional bodies as we grow older. The in-depth information on supplements alone can be life-changing! Thank you, Loryn, for a gentle and really clear kick-start! —Barbara Weinberg, Founder and Chairman, WRR, Milford, CT

The meeting was great. I really appreciated Loryn’s direct, tell it like it is approach very much. She shared so much helpful information with us all with the NUTRITION AS WE AGE lecture. I have already incorporated some of the things I learned into my life. Thank you!  —Sherry Duffy, Milford, CT

I want to thank you again for a wonderful nutrition lecture at Somers Manor Nursing Home! You were very informative and the families that attended found the information very useful and easy to follow. Thank you again! —Florisa Zinghini, LMSW, Somers Manor Nursing Home, Director of Marketing & Admissions


We certainly enjoyed having you speak professionally to our group at the Heritage Hills Community Center. You were very well prepared, relaxed, organized, and generous with your time. People enjoyed the handouts and the display boards, and most importantly, you were extremely cordial to remain after the talk to speak one-on-one with anyone who had additional questions or concerns. Men and women at the seminar commented how they enjoyed your talk, which touched on very pertinent topics and differed from the “usual nutrition talks” that several residents had attended in the past. Your personal attention to our group and your enthusiasm kept us riveted. Your level of expertise was praised directly to me and Elaine by our audience and we all felt relaxed enough to ask those thought-provoking questions throughout the presentation. Our group appreciates that we gained new information about staying healthy. —Eileen Plastino, RN, Somers, NY


Thank you for your recent presentation at The Mark Twain Library. Our audience ranged in age from high school students to senior citizens, and everyone benefited from your vast knowledge on nutrition and ways to stay healthy. We truly appreciated your patience and time you took to answer every individual question. It is evident you are passionate about helping others and we were grateful for your visit. —Kristin Benson, Mark Twain Library Programming Committee, Ridgefield, CT



Loryn Galardi came to the Children’s Day School and presented a very informative and interesting ABCs OF HEALHTY EATING FOR PRESCHOOLERS workshop (for the parents). Thanks to Loryn, we have now become far more vigilant about the snacks we give our children here at the school, and encourage our families to do the same. —Director, Children’s Day School of Wilton

Loryn’s program at the Children’s Day School on the ABCs OF HEALTHY EATING FOR PRESCHOOLERS helped me to understand that we as parents can make a difference in our kids’ lives by offering them easy, appealing, healthy choices every day. Even my picky toddler is now making healthier choices. —Children’s Day School of Wilton parent