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Vibrant health begins by providing your body with a constant supply of quality nutrition. While there is mounting scientific evidence linking proper nutrition to good health and prolonged life expectancy, some of the information can be confusing, conflicting and sometimes just plain wrong. Loryn Galardi and Comprehensive Nutrition can help!

Comprehensive Nutrition is not just about “dieting” – it’s about balance, enjoyment and learning what is right for you as an individual to help your body start to heal naturally.

Comprehensive Nutrition educates individuals, couples and groups on diet and nutritional awareness, the importance of physical fitness and stress management and the resolution of recurring health problems to aid in disease prevention – all essential steps in permanently improving your health and well-being and finally feeling fabulous!

Through education, behavior modification, a bit of hand holding, all aided by powerful accountability tools, Loryn Galardi guides you towards vibrant health and total wellness NATURALLY.


Freedom from the Freshman Fifteen
Lose Weight, Prevent Weight Gain and Stay Healthy During College

College living can pack on the pounds not just as a Freshman, but every single year. Learning how to lose weight before going off to college, how to prevent weight gain while there and how to STAY HEALTHY is just as important as getting good grades and having a great experience.

These 4 weeks can change your next 4 years!



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